Ecran Eizo RadiForce RX340 - Occasion


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Ecran Eizo RadiForce RX340 - Démonstration

  • Taille : 21.3" 
  • Dalle IPS
  • Résolution : 1536 x 2048
  • SN : 31728013

Etat carton : abîmé et renforcé 
Etat plasturgie : RAS
Etat dalle/pixels : RAS
Temps d'utilisation : <400H

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RadiForce RX340 - fin de série

Longer Service Life with LED Backlight

Unlike conventional CCFL backlights, LED backlights deteriorate more slowly and thus the monitor offers a longer  service life. This ensures stable and reliable performance that is  needed for diagnostic monitors. Since the LED backlight is mercury free, it will reduce any potential impact on the environment when it is  disposed of.

Color and Monochrome Images with Separate Gamma Curves

Consistency with DICOM Part 14 Calibration

Calibration compliant with DICOM Part 14 to ensure the most accurate and consistent shadings possible over time.

Easy Calibration with Integrated Front Sensor

An Integrated Front Sensor (IFS) housed within the front bezel measures brightness and grayscale tones and calibrates to the DICOM Part 14 standard. Without having to connect and disconnect, an IFS performs QC tasks and does not interfere with the viewing area. This dramatically cuts monitor quality control workload and maintenance costs.

Easy Calibration with Integrated Front Sensor

Monochrome and Color Images on One Monitor

A high-quality IPS panel with a high contrast  ratio and high brightness makes this model ideal for displaying 3D  rendering and fusion color images as well as CT and MRI monochrome  images compliant with the DICOM Part 14 standard.

Brightness Uniformity for a Steadier Image Across the Screen

The Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function provides optimum backlight luminance uniformity which is considered difficult to attain due to the characteristics of LCD monitors.

Quick Brightness Stabilization for Instant Viewing

At startup or upon wakeup, the EIZO patented drift correction function quickly stabilizes the brightness level. In addition, a sensor measures the backlight brightness and compensates for brightness fluctuations caused by the ambient temperature and the passage of time.

Brightness Stability Within Usage Time Guaranteed

EIZO's confidence in its product quality extends to brightness stability which is also covered during the usage time specified in the warranty.

ISO 13485 Certification

Acquiring ISO 13485 certification demonstrates EIZO's ability to consistently meet customer requirements for our products and services.

Color and Monochrome Images with Separate Gamma Curves

EIZO's unique Hybrid Gamma function distinguishes whether the images being displayed are monochrome or color and displays each image in optimum brightness and grayscale tones. This expands the usability of  PACS applications constantly attaining sufficiency with mix of color and  monochrome medical images.

Color and Monochrome Images with Separate Gamma Curves

  • Accuracy in distinguishing between grayscale and color images may depend on how they are aligned. Viewer software compatibility verification is required.

Presence Sensor for Power Savings

The presence sensor feature unites convenience  with savings by ensuring that the monitor conserves power when it is not  in use. The presence sensor prompts the monitor to switch to power save  mode when it detects the user is away from the monitor, and then resume  normal operation when the user returns.

10-bit Color

The monitor can support 10-bit input for each RGB color, displaying more  than one billion colors simultaneously. This ensures accurate  reproduction of color tones for 3D color rendering and image fusion.

  • 10-bit color graphics board and 10-bit color viewer software needed for 10-bit color display.

Mode Selection for Optimum Viewing

Selectable with the front panel buttons, the CAL Switch function allows for various imaging modes of different modalities such as CR, CT, and endoscope images. Furthermore, auto mode settings can be made with the Auto CAL Switch function.

Wide Viewing Angles

Wide Viewing angles with minimal color shift when viewed from the side.

Versatile Positioning for Improved Operability and Less Fatigue

EIZO's highly versatile stand offers tilt, swivel, portrait rotation, and a wide height adjustment range enabling you to use the monitor with greater comfort.

Customer Assurance with Medical Standards

Meets the strictest medical, safety, and EMC emission standards.

Warranty with Safety and Trust

EIZO and its authorized distributors offer a five-year full warranty.





Fiche technique
Taille (en pouces / cm)21.3"
Résolution Maximale1536 x 2048
Angle de vision178°, 178°
Luminosité1000 cd/m2
Temps de réponse25 ms
Poids Net8.1 kg
Pixel Pitch0.2115 x 0.2115 mm
OSD LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese
Digital Uniformity EqualizerOui
Consommation électrique Max89 W
Conso électrique en mode normal46 W
AlimentationAC 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
FDA 510(k)Oui (pour la Radiographie en général)
Garantie5 ans
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